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The CDDAP was developed as a screening instrument for use in the assessment of adults presenting with attention problems.  It is appropriate for medical and mental health professionals who need to determine if the symptoms are actually related to ADHD, anxiety, depression, or a variety of other conditions.  It allows you to assess the individual's mental health quickly, and make appropriate referrals for further evaluation when appropriate.

The CDDAP is a 124-item questionnaire that can typically be completed within 10 or 15 minutes by your patients and scored easily using the new computer scoring program. Clinical Scales include ADHD, Predominantly Inattentive Type, ADHD, Hyperactive Impulsive Type, Depression, Anxiety, Alcohol Abuse, Borderline Personality, Dependent Personality, Antisocial Personality and a variety of other conditions that may be the focus of treatment.  The CDDAP also provides global measures of distress to allow the clinician to assess the overall number and severity of psychiatric symptoms reported.  The CDDAP manual includes normative data for an ADHD population, normal adult subjects, and individuals with other psychiatric conditions along with statistical information on the test's construction and validity.

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